We are what we believe in

Mission vision and values




SAVE HORIZON S.L. is an innovative organization that is committed to sustainable development as a present and future strategy while learning from the past. Our structure is the result of the inner workings of a multidisciplinary team in which all members provide experience, training and a great deal of creativity. 

Our mission is to create quality content for a multi-profile and multinational audience with the purpose of conveying sustainable habits related to transport, energy and resources, construction, food, biodiversity, etc., through audiovisual productions and other formats, such as the Internet, mobile apps, books or seminars. 

To do this, we formulate versatile and original proposals that provide added value, we undertake end-to-end projects and we foster social responsibility to contribute to the well-being of people and the optimization of their relationship with the environment. 

We also create links between companies and investment groups in order to foster the search for solutions that endorse sustainability by relying on the leadership of ideas. 

Our ambition is to reach out to the general public across the world. Our firm commitment is to reach out to people devoted to this cause, while also attracting and convincing anyone who still doesn't share this way of thinking, without forcing or criticizing anyone, but by entertaining, informing and raising awareness. 



SAVE HORIZON S.L. is committed to creating a competitive network of partners and clients that act as sponsors and advocates of our principles, in order to make their image a unique benchmark of leadership in sustainability. We strive to raise awareness both among individuals and the community, so the company's projects are geared towards all types of entities, both public and private. 

Drawing on the branded content concept, we set out to be an inspiring organization that provides services characterized by their efficiency, quality and excellence, which help us to grow and which meet the expectations of our partners and customers, always in synergy with sustainable development. 



At SAVE HORIZON S.L. we're aware that knowledge, culture and objective information are the vital tools for the world population to successfully face key issues of the future. That's why our company is committed to conveying values ​​through the support and dissemination of sustainability-related initiatives and projects on different channels to reach out to citizens, in an attempt to trigger a change in sociocultural, environmental, sociopolitical and corporate habits on a global level. 

Research, development, innovation and efficiency are four cornerstones for us. Any innovative sustainability-related project aimed at enhancing people's quality of life is a project that SAVE HORIZON S.L. will want to publicize and engage in. 

Meanwhile, SAVE HORIZON S.L. is an example of compliance with current legal provisions in terms of sustainability, both within Spanish and international legislation. 

In essence, SAVE HORIZON S.L. identifies itself with:  


Fernando Díaz / Founder


This 40 year old entrepreneur is a Physical therapist, photographer and writer. Always related with the media world, he participates in several productions for RTVE or A3 during the last 20 years.  He created Save Horizon in 2014 and since then his life has become a personal countdown. Living between India, Thailand and Europe. Helps women and kids to find a way to be independent in their society  "There is no time to loose. what are you doing to make this planet a save place to live?"

Marta Rodríguez / Partner



Her vocation was always to be able to contribute to the improvement of the environment so she chose this specialty in her degree in Chemical Engineering. In her professional career, she has reinforced this interest and has carried on training in sustainability, climate change and corporate social responsibility (CSR). Linked to the industrial and private sector, she is an expert in the study and application of the technical solutions needed in the different projects.


Sergio Guardado / Scrypt writer

One of the top ten scrypt writers from Spain. He has created many successful tv shows. 20 years of experience specialised in comedy make him be a perfect tool to make people connect with sustainability. " When it is funny, information  touches people minds and hearts". Humor is the most powerful weapon to promote social awareness. 


Olga la Huerta / Marketing and Art

Marketing  and media expert with more than 10 years of experience, she started as a graphic designer but now she does many other things. Each job is a puzzle that she has to solve. What are the needs of the product or the service of the client. Then develop the campaign to reach the final client as deep as possible.  Events, spots, web sites, mailing, posters, banners, Facebook page... She is a multitax media beast! Wanna bet you will love what she creates?


Monica Chao Janeiro / External advisor

Over the last 20 years, she has been working with companies, Governments and NGOs, on the management of environment, energy and social issues, as drivers for innovation and value creation. She is interested in sustainable innovation for products and services that gives benefit to all key stakeholders. 

Her passion is to create value for her company through sustainability, at the same time to facilitate a better world for future generations.  Her resumen is simply stunning and is a pleasure and honor to count on her as part of our team.