Around the World in 80 Kwatts

Based on the Julius Verne novel " Around the world in 80 days ", this adaptation show us the adventures of a wealthy man who bet with his club members, that he can travel around the world in a very peculiar way! 

Save Horizon, The World Tour

Save Horizon, The World Tour, supported by Discovery Channel, it is a documentary that talks about all kind of different projects related to sustainability. Without talking about the  mistakes that we have already made in this society, we cross Europe from Denmark to Spain, interviewing scientist, politicians, students and entrepreneurs, all of them taking action to make this world a better place.  

Ministery of Environment Campaign

In this campaign for the Ministery of Environment, we wanted to show how people around the world are not respecting the environment. This situation brings extreme consequences and someone is observing us.  

Other projects



A comic and an animation movie based on the novel  "Around the World in 80 days ".  Philleas is a young student who just started his studies in robotic engineer at University. He is about to discover something that will make him live the most amazing adventure of his life. A great way to reach a young public, who is thirsty for new adventures and virtual experiences.  



Spanish Government offer us to develop a 360º campaign to bring awareness to society about climate change and renewable energies. The result was that an " Intergalactic Climate Change Security Department " shows up on earth and starts making things right. Tv, muppies, you tube and social network were part of the campaign. We love what we do, because we believe on what we say.  

Cooking show


"La huerta de Lluvia" is a way to learn how to take care of the planet, while we enjoy eating and nature. It is through food and a healthy style of living that we connect with our own roots and bring awareness to our lifes. Seasonal food, healthy meals, taking care of a plant or how to cook a delicious vegetarian dish is part of this weekly show which all family can watch together.  Lluvia is a young an famous Spanish actress and activist who loves animals and nature. A perfect host to make everyone smile and learn how to take care of our planet 

Art design


Our art designer Olga la Huerta did a great job making our alien characters look cool and trustful. A very peculiar hotel in Madrid, was perfect for the set. Everything looked just like the inside of a spaceship. When someone from out of space tells you that you are doing things wrong maybe we take it more seriously. This peculiar idea conquered the Spanish Ministry of Environment and was selected among several other production and marketing companies.