A Foundation for youth based in Chiang Rai, Thailand.

Baan Saan Rak

 It was founded in 2003 by Jit, a Thai woman who worked as a social worker for many years.

She started this project she was associated with an organisation called SEDOM that look after women that have been trafficking as sex workers in Japan who had returned to Thailand with extremely bad mental and economically conditions. Most of them had children who could not take care.

Baan Saan Rak collaborates with several organisations that provide financial and advice support for their activities to help children.

Baan Saan Rak and Save Horizon

Where at ?


 Maelao is a little village 30 kms south of Chiang Rai, Northern Thailand. A beautiful place  away from the most tourist attractions of the country. Away from traffic pollution and crowed cities. It is also a place full of opportunities and growing economy. Is an ideal place to grow up eating local food and surrounded by nature.

Who are they?


An average of 22 kids live there each year. Kids are in between 6 and 21 years old, girls and boys. 14  more kids are actually living in Phayao, Bangkok or Chiang Mai because of the studies they have choosen. 

Most of the kids are originally aboriginal ( Akha, Lahu and Lisu tribes) from north Thailand and Myanmar.  

What they do?


In Baan Saan Rak the kids have lots of creative activities and they spend lots of time, painting, playing and creating. Jit had a wonderful initiative to let the kids explore their creative skills and make t-shirts, notebooks, scarfs, postcards and other products that are sold in their Facebook page, Chaing Rai and Bangkok. Now you can also buy some of their products through our web site at

How ?


 We manage to bring the t-shirts with the unique drawings that the kids make with their own hands and send them to Europe. Here we talk to our friends and clients who happily buy this unique product that supports the needs of the Orphanage.  Our propose is to bring awareness to the western countries about the needs of the most needed Asian kids . 

What for?


 The money is used for several purposes:

-  Studies and  vocational colleges; daily transportation between the house and school; lunch expenses for the kids that go to school, for vocational College and University; tuition fees for children from junior and High School to University; personal hygiene products ( toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap, etc); Clothing, Sports equipment, art supplies, books, etc.

How much?


 100% of the money we gather goes straight to the Orphanat.

Save Horizon is not working as a financial intermediary.  

We are also doing our best to do this transition as sustainable as posible helping the Foundations to get fare trade t-shirts and reduce the impact of the long trip distance between Europe and Asia.